Live More With Less that is basically what we are about. 

More: celebrate a simple life, focus on what really matters to you, enjoy time with family and

friends,  live within your means,  care about the earth's resources,  self sufficiency,  gain appreciation for the things you already have in your life.

Less: less spending, less unconscious spending, less waste, less stuff,


Use it up,  wear it outmake it do,  or do without."   L. Reid


Frugal means different things to different people so we hope you find some ideas here that you can

use.  Also please check out our links to other frugal sites and frugal resources.

In each section you can CHOOSE A CHALLENGE to make a subtle change in your life or it may just make a mammoth change in your life.

Entertaining... Gift giving... technology...

Money saving tips... Home cleaning kit...Save energy...Save at the supermarket...frugal books...

 At frugal we hope you may take stock of your life - your money and how you spend it, your health and how you keep it, and your happiness. 

What makes you happy? Write down 10 things that make you happy.


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WHY THE GLOBAL RECESSION IS GOOD. (This may be a radical idea but please listen to my husband's rant at All Things Good.)


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