Frugal transport

Walking and biking keeps us fitter.

Biking is the most efficient form of transport as long as you do not need to take a lot of things with you.

Using public transport means you don't have to worry about parking or drinking and driving.

Monthly tickets can save you money on public transport if you travel regularly.

If driving consider sharing travel to work or sporting events or a night out with friends.

Take Your Kids To School With Walking Buses, Bicycle Trains, Anything But Cars.  

More kids are killed in cars than in any other mode of transportation, yet that is how most of them get to school. More... including walk To School initiatives world wide.


Limit your driving for 1 week: walk to nearby activities such as shops, schools and sports.

Choose 1 day each week and get to work without driving: catch a bus, catch a train, ride a bike.

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